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Customers play a critical role in the overall success for most small businesses. Without returning customers, many small businesses would not survive. It is vital for small businesses to have superior customer service in order to maintain a competitive edge against other businesses. Extending top-notch customer service will result in repeated business and also boost customer’s trust.

Let’s take a further look at the most valuable ways a small business owner can improve their customer service:

Update Your Technology
Using outdated technology for your small business can greatly slow down the efficiency of a store. Not only is older technology slower, it also doesn’t carry heightened security features that most modern-day solutions offer.

To remedy this issue, small business owners should look at upgrading their point-of-sale (POS) system and terminals to the latest hardware that includes EMV, NFC, and mobile payment acceptance. A modernized POS system will result in faster checkouts and also improve productivity. Customers, in return, will experience a faster checkout experience.

Train Staff on Products
It’s vital as a small business owner to train your staff on the store layout, the products being offered, and promotions that are currently going on. If a customer has a question about a certain product, a well-trained employee will be readily available to assist them and have knowledge of where to locate the product.

It is also beneficial for employees to be aware of any discounts that would need to be applied on items during special sales or at the holidays. Having a staff who is proficient on the latest promotions will help increase sales, as they can inform customers of certain discounts to take advantage of and encourage them to buy more within your store.

Connect With Customers
Many businesses are now utilizing social media to connect to their customer base. With social media, customers can read up-to-date information about your store, be alerted of any sales going on, and leave customer reviews based on their experience.

In order to have a successful social media presence, small businesses should engage with their customer’s online by responding to reviews and thanking them for their business, answering any questions that are asked, and frequently posting updates weekly about products or promotions.

“You have to adapt to where people are spending the most time, and that means they want to complain, compliment and ask questions on social media,” said John Jiloty, social media director at Martin Davison Public Relations in Buffalo, N.Y. “If you don’t have a strategy in place to respond to customer comments on social media for 2016, you’re doing your business a huge disservice.”

Spread Out Employees
Be sure your store has an ample amount of employees within each section of your store, so that a customer isn’t inconvenienced when locating an employee for help. Keeping staff members on the floor in different departments/sections of your store will increase customer satisfaction and ensure employees are accessible.

Have a Positive Attitude
One of the first things customers notice about a store is the overall friendliness of employees. If your employees are coming off as unfriendly or unhelpful, customers could leave and end up doing their business elsewhere. Having a welcoming staff that greets all employees with a smile is important. Likewise, make sure your staff is asking customers if there is anything they can help them with. Pleasant and helpful employees will create an upbeat and positive business.

With any small business, customer service should be a top priority. Giving customers the help and attention they deserve will let them know how much you value their loyalty and business. By following the above tips, small businesses can enhance their customer service skills and leave a lasting impression with their customers.

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