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Welcome to Genesis Cash Discount Program

Tired of wasting money on processing credit cards? Eliminate your cost to process credit cards with our exclusive Genesis Cash Discount program.  This exclusive program will save you thousands and you will never pay a dime to accept credit cards. Pass thru a Cash Discount fee to customers paying with credit or debit cards.

Simple Pricing

We offer an easy to understand flat fee to fit your business model. Collect 100% of your revenue and eliminate those fees completely.

How it works

All prices in your business are cash prices.  Customers who pay with credit card pay a small convenience fee to use a non cash payment.  Nothing changes in your business.  Instead of being charged processing fees, you will collect them from your customers.  Our terminals automatically knows when to charge the small service fee and displays it right on the customers receipt.  With our customized Cash Discount signage, your customers will know that you offer a discount for paying with cash.  All prices in your store remain the same.  So you never have to change pricing or do any calculations.

Easy hassle free savings

Enjoy the savings.  Buy more inventory or invest in marketing.  Bottom line, saving on processing will help increase your revenue.  If at any point you do not like the program, we can simply change you to our traditional pricing plan.

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